Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What do you think of me now?

Do you notice anything different?  I've gotten an extreme make-over; well not me per say, but my blog. 

My dear friend Christie, took the time out of her very busy schedule to bless me with an entirely new look and feel for my little corner of blogville. 

I am crazy for the new look and inspired to pay more attention to posting on a more consistent basis, but more than that I am so touched that she would pause her very busy life to invest her time and talent on me.

Christie is one of my benefits acquired through the world of adoption. The wait brought us together, but after we were done waiting we got busy becoming real friends and I am so grateful for her companionship, humor, understanding and friendship. 

She and her family now reside in my heart and I am so thankful to count her as a true friend.

If you want an amazing make-over for your blog go here


Christie said...

I love you through and're worth it!

and I'm blushing....


Debbie Sauer said...

Your blog is beautiful! It's amazing how many people enter your life through adoption, whether you meet them in person or on-line. Looking forward to more updates and pictures. Blessings

Mimi said...

Love your new look, good job!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous and totally you!!!! Hope some of your inspiration flows my way....I so need to start blogging again to keep track of the memories :)


Dita said...

Wowza......I'm LOVIN" this new look and shame on me it took this long for be to get myself over here...I've done a nose dive in bloggerville...even my own poor pathetic blog hasn't seen hide nor hair of me....sad but true.

Christie did an awesome blog and I'm lovin your new digs!!!

love you too...ooodles