Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Years Ago Today

Three Years Ago Today - April 24, 2008

I had an angel placed into my arms and in that moment she claimed her proper place in my heart as my beloved daughter. 

This was no stranger,  my soul recognized her instantly, we were always meant to be together,  the spot in my heart, which belonged to her and only her, swelled to contain the overflowing love which surged in when I held her close. 

I nuzzled her ear and whispered, it's me, Mommy, we're together now - everything is going to be alright.

Her face is beauty personified, her laughter tickles me, her willingness to help and desire to stay close warms me. I am in awe of her.

 I thank G*d for the gift of her everyday and night.  She is my angel from heaven.

Today, as we celebrate the third annniversary of being united half way around the world I look ahead to a lifetime of milestones achieved and spent together. Thank you for the gift of being my daughter.

With all of my love and affection,