Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Aubriana Rose

My sweet child, what joy you have brought to me; with your soft and gentle demeanor. 

You were born such a little lady, I am so lucky to be able to indulge
your desires in all things girlie!

I find it difficult  to restrain myself  in feeding your passion for fashion!

I never realized  how much I would be joining you on experiencing the joys
 of being a little girl, once again I live in a land of fairies and princesses
and all things possible.

Your delight in this is contagious to all of us, and who can resist a request to dance
with a princess or accompany her to the latest ball?

My little flower has slowly and surely revealed herself to have a
fun and mischievous petal or two!

That is where I see you taking on characteristics that I recognize as my own
 and I know nurture has complimented your nature; I truly see myself in your refection

Thank you for making my days and nights sweeter with your presence and
filling up my heart with love and beauty.

All my love and adoration,


Jodi said...

happy birthday sweet girl!

Christie said...

so well said, my sweet friend...I know how you love her so.



Becky said...

We love all of the oufits - what a cutie!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Aubriana.
This is a beautiful post, Valerie, your love for her shining through in every word.

Debbie Sauer said...

She is so beautiful. I remember following your journey to China. How fast they grow!! Blessings and a very Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I named my daughter AuBriana Rose back in 1989 before it was a known name. I fought to get the name AuBriana in baby books all over the world. It is such a pleasure to see a beautiful young lady with the same name as my 22 year old daughter. I capitalized the B in her first name to follow the french. Rose was a family name from my great grandmother to my aunt. Thank you for naming your precious and beautiful daughter by the same name.