Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What you say?

My son, "Lil Dude" is a 35 year old man trapped in the body of a large 3 1/2 year old.

Out of his mouth come the most profound and wise statements. Some are lines out of movies or television shows, some are original thoughts, but he uses them in context and with the perfect inflection as if he has been here, done that, seen this and heard it all  before.

I promised myself I would write them down, but I can't keep up; and he is so prolific that as soon as he says one that makes me laugh out loud another is on the way and pushes the first right out of my memory.

Here are some more recent quotes:

"Mommy, if our love is strong, nothing will separate us,"

After monopolizing the dinner conversation for 20 minutes telling us about his day at pre-school, his father asked a simple question and Lil Dude responded: "Daddy, please be quiet and eat your dinner."

Sunday we were rained in. The day was spent eating a big brunch, watching cartoons, napping, a big dinner, bath, and ice cream with his sister back in front of the tv. "He looked intently at his sister and declared "Aubriana, wasn't this the perfect day?"

After hitting his head on a hanging lamp fixture:
"Ouch, that was unusual"

Upon seeing his new climbing dome which requires 135 nuts and bolts to hold it together.  "Daddy put it together now, how hard can it be?"

I switch the wallpaper on my computer to a different picture of my kids every week. This particular week it was a picture of Aubriana.  I walked up to "Lil Dude" who was standing at the computer staring at the screen and asked him if he wanted me to put on a game, his reply: "In a minute, come look at this picture of your wonderful daughter!"

 I love you K-man. Thank you for filling my days with insight and laughter.

P.S.  We dressed up to celebrate The Royal Wedding of Will and Kate - ninja wear and spider man simply wouldn't do.