Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forgotten Purpose

It was requested I be a "nice" witch.
Can it be true, that I've neglected updating for almost 3 months?  It is so easy to wander off the path set forth with "good intentions". 

This was supposed to be a diary of my journey to and with my children...and somehow I have gotten so caught up in the raising of my children, the documenting and memorization of them has gotten lost in the madness of everyday life.

My son continues to startle me with his deep comprehension of emotions and feelings, way beyond what a 4 year old should be able to express.  His must be a very old soul to be able to observe situations and people around him and empathize and realize potential outcomes and express sorrow, regret, and gratitude accordingly. 

A few random reportings:

While crossing the street on Halloween, Lil Dude dropped his bucket and all of his candy was suddenly on the street, as we scrambled to pick up his treasures I was thinking, this isn't good 4 people bending over in the middle of the dark street in dark clothing I hope no cars come upon us.  What I said was, "Pick it up, hurry, pick it up and let's get going."  As we finished our task and touched foot to sidewalk (and safety) he apologetically stated "I'm sorry I put us all in danger."

 Dressed as a prince and princess for their school Halloween festivities, Lil Dude looked at Aubriana admiringly and declared "Don't worry my beautiful princess,  I'll protect you from dragons and bullies at school."

Heard from the backseat:

Lil Dude:
"Mommy, did you know that G*d wants us all to be good people and that he thinks mean people are stupid?"

"Daddy, Kung Fu is not about hitting, it is to teach you to fnd out a secret about yourself"  (after watching Kung Fu Panda).

Aubriana is a quiet and thoughtful soul, her desires are not as easy to read as her brother's but her sweetness can not be denied. 

On the stairs I was tickling her before sending her up to bed, I grabbed her for one last kiss and asked "what was the best part of your day today?" to which she responded, "you being silly with me tonight." I always forget it really is the simple things that matter most.

We have a carousel that holds all of our pre-measured coffee cups and one day she was admiring it in the corner, or so I thought, the next morning I realized she had put them all in order according to brand and flavor! 

She asked me to help her get dressed in a fancy costume, with gloves, shoes, dress, the whole shebang.  Then she gently went and knocked on the door where her father was busy within and in her soft little voice, said Daddy, will you come out and dance with me and marry me, I'm all dressed up and ready for you".

I was applying full make-up on her for Halloween and as I was applying her mascara, she whispered "Mommy,  I love wearing make-up with you".

I hope my children realize, that they are at the top of my thoughts every moment in my day, and the last thing I pray about every night.  These little snippets of our times together will bring us back to one another when ever and where ever we may read them in the future.

I love my little angels who give my life so much fulfillment, meaning and joy.


Mimi said...

Beautiful snippets!
It is so much more important ot live your life with them, and raise them and look after them ,than to record them.
But it is nice to get that little update, especially the cute pics.

Dita said...

I had such a smile on my face reading these snippets...moments in time with your precious babies that will fly by before you know it. Seeing the kids in the beautiful photos you captured made me realize just how big they are getting too. I remember the photos of the first Halloween together. Lil Dude amazes me with his empathy, thoughtfulness and the way he loves so thoroughly and freely and Princess A....what can be said that the gorgeous face does not express? She is all things and though she doesn't always wear her heart on her sleeve....the love she has for you in undeniable. I must confess...on more than one occasion the best part of my day was when you stopped to "tickle me" too...with your smart wit, insightful words, care, concern and true loving it any wonder why your kids adore you so? Thank you for updating in this very special place....AND for reminding me to do the same since I too have fallen behind (though not NEARLY as behind as you, my dear!)......I would also be remiss if I were not to say you are the best looking witch I've seen in a GOOD LONG TIME.....Glenda the Good Witch, I presume.

You are one special lady, Valerie...and a beloved friend!


Lori said...

This is such a beautiful post, it makes me wish for my referral sooner than later, but brighten my otherwise dreary week. You all are raising little angels and we need more of them! I love their insights on the everyday.

Thank You for Sharing,

Anonymous said...

Love the kids' quotes! Keep 'em coming! What a gift this blog is to your family and friends--your children will place this gift among their most cherished possessions! love, m