Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub Two Tikes in a Tub

What is it about containers without contents that makes children want to instantly become the aforementioned contents?

 We are getting ready for our annual C.R.A.P day sale (Clean, Remove And Purge), so I purchased bins to sort and put various items in. One bin made it onto the floor for appoximately 3 1/2 minutes before it was noticed, re-located to a destination, not of my choosing and two tikes removed their clothing  quicker than a stripper about to go to lunch and the empty bin was full.

 My camera is so slow all the great shots are either one second prior to or after to the shutter's actual winking action, so you'l have to use your imagination on these poor submissions.

The weather is finally showing signs of fall (in Texas that means we go from 100 degree days to the 80's, which if fine by me. 

Here's hoping all your "bins" are filled with love and joy.


Wanda said...

What a riot Valerie. Those munchkins could not be any cuter - "niked" in the tub. (I'm glad they didn't try and fill it with water. That may not have been so funny.)

Enjoy the nice, cool(80's...WHAT?) fall weather!

Christie said...

Such a couple of cutie pies...and those pics are great! Aubriana is showing that beautiful personality and you can really see it here!

Love and miss you!!


Dita said...

They teach that in How to Be the Most Adorable Toddler Charm School.

Those kids can't get any cuter. I really see Aubriana's face changing and maturing. Lil Dude's rockin' his charismatic curls (just like my WonderBoy's!) I love how they ALWAYS play really is a very special bond they share.

I love that you captured this moment (in photos and words) and shared it here with us.

Love YOU too!

She Writes said...

Oh my gosh! These are soo cute!

She Writes said...

BTW Thanks for your sweet notes at my blog! Truly appreciate you :). The current story about the park guy is fiction ;).