Monday, March 24, 2008

United At Last...

Hello friends, for all of you traveling on the road to parenthood via adoption....the arduous journey that has many twists, and bumps and knocks you down and begs you to get up only to get knocked down again. This is what it looks like in the final stages.

This is the look of prayers heard and answered. This is the look of unconditional love, and family and hopes for a bright future, this is the look of pure joy!

It does happen and it is worth it....the look says it all.

To see their whole story go

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lord Hear Our Prayer....

My dear friends Robyn and Paul are in China and about to receive God's most precious gift of a child. They have waited so long for their sweet Avery and today, dreams become reality.

Our circle of friends are so excited for them and wanted to do something to be a part of this very special occasion.

So at the appointed hour of 9:00 pm in Texas it will be 10:00 am in Nanjing and their Gotcha Day! We are all lighting a candle and sending out prayers for God to watch over our friends and help them ease into this transition from strangers to family.

We light this candle for you today,

to guide our prayers up heaven's way;

to ask that you are kept in love;

from East and West and up above.

Welcome to the family Avery!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I am so thrilled to announce the arrival of our daughter Aubriana Rose.

She shares her July 31, 2007 birthday with her daddy (which is extra special).

In January she weighed 14.3 lbs and was 24.02 inches long. She is located at the Chenzhou SWI in Hunan.
I wrote this poem for a postcard exchange in 2005; I was writing it to Aubriana and all the other children waiting to be united with their forever families.
Born In My Heart

I see you in my dreams and feel you in my heart;
Sweet baby waiting patiently, half a world apart.
I try hard to imagine your many gifts and charms,
Passing time until at last, I hold you in my arms.
Soon we'll be together and I'll give you all my love;
My precious little angel from heaven up above.

It is so strange to read those words now, from this perspective and the words are even more poignant to me.
For all of you waiting for your children; all I can honestly say to you, is the wait literally melts away when you see your child's face for the first time. It simply doesn't matter how you got there or how long it took - what is important is you are together at last.