Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gotcha Day Anniversary

One year; 365 days and nights since I first saw your beautiful face; encircled you with my arms and held you close and took in your scent. Stared into those lovely eyes looking back at me with curiosity and intelligence and a sweetness that has been there everyday since.

I flew half way around the world to a strange land and had pictured this moment while waiting for you 3 long years. All the sadness of the wait, the adoption process, the traveling, the expenses, they literally disappeared in that moment of having you placed into my arms.

It was a long, tedious, frustrating journey to get to you, probably one of the hardest sustainable efforts I have ever set my sites on to achieve. But, the splendor of the destination point was worth every moment.

I am stronger for traversing the road that lead to you, and I am now better for having you in my life to re-set my purpose, direction and destiny. You have awakened in me the desire to share life's lessons, show you what I know of this world and guide you towards a life filled with hope and kindness to others. I have also realized how much you have to teach me in return. My heart is overflowing with love which I want to shower upon you every moment we are together.

Seeing you proud of a new accomplishment warms me, your shy laugh and gentle ways touch me. You are such a kind person, so considerate of others and wanting to please. You have a desire to know and understand the "why" of everything within your sight and grasp and at the same time a generosity to share it with those around you.

I am in awe of your physical beauty - but even more impressed by the inner beauty which shines through you.

My wish for you is that you always have the self confidence to reach for your dreams and achieve them; to know that you were born to be loved and adored by your family; that your life has it's own path for you to discover, and being my daughter has enabled our paths to become one for this part of our life's journey and I am blessed and thankful to walk with you for as long as God has woven us together.

Happy Gotcha Day Aubriana, my heart outside myself.