Monday, June 1, 2009

Growing too fast

"We aren't sure what is going on, but together we will weather through it"

Are you having as much fun and I am?

I was off to the side trying to get him to leave his hat on. His eyes are clearly saying, "I don't see it happening for much longer". True to his "word" it was off in the next moment.

Anyone can see that he is very excited with the brown bread and butter about to be served to him.

This intent gaze was to let me know her shoes were hurting and plenty of candy had been gathered by all; "Let us call it an evening, shall we?"

This look was one of recognition and the reconnection of souls destined to be together, this was the first day we met.

This look practically screams, "Soon I will have control of my limbs and will then be able to remove all of the items you place upon my person which I do not deem Lil Dude doable. Until then, snap away Mama, cuz this window is closing soon".

My children are 30 days apart in age, July 1 and July 31, so with the passing of every month and the welcoming of another we celebrate the aging process on back to back days. We are now officially 22 and 23 months old, next month they will be (double big gulp) TWO!

I think this is the time when parents stop reporting their children's ages in months and will start to respond "Oh, their 2; 2 1/4; 2 1/2......3,4,5,6, blink 13, 16.........time seems to be traveling at full speed ahead.

They are on the verge of speaking, telling me their individual needs in words and no longer the mix of a private sign language of pointing and facial maneuvering and made up words which tickle me to repeat and say along with them, rather than correct them...I am in no hurry for them to speak.....soon enough that is all they will do. I love this secret language that I'm positive is native to heaven from whence they came. The innocence of babydom is fleeting, and soon they will learn the reality of life on earth.

I want to hold it back as long as I can because now in order to understand them I have to truly "see" them, give them all of my attention and search their eyes and facial expressions to understand them....and it is beautiful to stare into the eyes of someone who wants you to "hear" them.

Soon enough they will be yelling from behind closed doors about dinner, homework, and stay out. I want to savor this time of total communing communicating before vocabulary gets in the way.

Now when we don't understand one another, it is OK, we can always change the subject with a diversionary tactic such as a hug or a kiss - it always ends up OK and each of us is satisfied that we had a good chat.

Words get in the way I will not push them to enunciate and mimic my way of talking, there is yet time for that. I want to join them in their native tongue which is pure and joyous and honest in it's meaning and intent. There is only trust and exchange of ideas and desires and we somehow get along wonderfully.

I know that zzzshack is Jack, and maaaa is water, ta is two, mamoo is maggiemoo, sheese is cheese and sometimes keys.

I know they won't go to school speaking this language we all start out knowing but somehow quickly forget. I for one will celebrate it while it stays with us on this short visit.

Why not try to speak it to someone you love, just search their eyes and look deep within, everything you need to know lies there before you.