Friday, December 26, 2008

So This Is Christmas....

Who is this guy and why are you placing me here?

You said "Come here and get some candy", you didn't say I had to sit on a lap!

I'm coming down, no pictures, I want off!

For the love of God, what part of off don't you understand!

Aubriana: (You can't fight destiny. )
Lil Dude: (Psst..I've got the candy and I'll give you some if you get me OFF)

Where does the time go? My last post was Halloween and now it is the end of Christmas Day! It is so true what they say about how fast time flies, especially when children are in your life.

Everyday is something new and before you know it, your little babies are just a memory replaced by little people who can be very entertaining.

The Christmas tree was a huge hit, every night Lil Dude and Aubriana ask to go into the Formal Living Room and sit in front of the tree and I count to 3 and click the remote and the lights go on - the think it is magic and the look of awe at the lights and ornaments is just priceless.

This is the scorecard so far for holiday traditions:

Santa Statues in the home/A hit Live Santas in red velvet suits with artificial facial hair/A flop

Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie/A hit Christmas Lamb and pineapple squash/A flop

Eating lots of sweets during the season/A hit Taking professional Christmas Photos/ A flop

Opening more presents than you can count/A hit Taking down the decor next week/A flop

It was awesome to experience Christmas through their eyes, I can remember feeling that excitement and delight at the wonder around me, and not only did it trigger deep memories for me, but seeing their joy was even better.

My holiday cards will go out, but I hope everyone celebrated the holiday with good food, warm homes and love all around you.

Best Wishes, Valerie