Saturday, March 28, 2009

Public "OUTING" and Spring is in the Air

I think they could use a little "sprinkling, what do you think?

A little wee one on wee one B-ball.

The ladies team is looking good this year.

It is so tiring laying around on cows and trying to find my place in the herd.

Bull Riding Buck-a-roo.

Greetings from County General;

The last time I posted (gulp) back in February, I was recovering from Pneumonia. Apparently the address I currently reside at is some sort of cosmic petrie dish in which there is an open invitation to all manner of bacteria and virus types to drop in anytime as if we are in a perpetual state of Happy Hour over here.

The latest visitor to darken our door...the dreaded stomach virus. One with a take no prisoners approach who took out our entire squadron in one fell swoop.

I was lucky enough to experience Lil' Dudes first actual vomiting, but being the overachiever he is, it was also combined with his first "Public Vomiting; that's my boy.

I've never actually seen a wide screen edition public vomiting, but I was lucky enough to be up close and personal for this one. We were sitting down for a quick dinner at our local "Eat more Chiken" dining establishment, when Lil' dude abdicated his usual place in the booth sitting across from me and climbed under the table in order to position himself between his sister and me.

"How sweet", thought I,"he wants to be closer to me" Suddenly my husband says (in a voice that in reflection sounds warbled and far away) "He just threw up"...I looked over and saw nothing on his person, then looked down and saw "moisture" on the floor.

I retorted,"that is just spit up, he must have drunk his lemonade too fast". Then I looked deep into my little angel's face and that is when it happened. His eyes opened wide, we're talking Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein wide (google it), then his mouth opened into the shape of a tunnel resembling those seen in Road Runner cartoons and then it came. Pouring forth so fast and furious like a tidal wave of food from the previous days meals.

I was stunned and felt frozen and then some sort of Mother reflex kicked into gear (heretofore not used or made aware of to this mother). While others around me stared with awe at the site before them I jumped to my feet, ordered for food to be moved, the female child (whose name temporarily became "her" as in "get her out of the flood of vomit") and tried to ebb the unrelenting flow coming at me with napkins, menus and a free with purchase children's book. to alter the direction of the spewing human lava. His pocket bib did a fine job of carrying it's fair share of the load and will be memorialised at a special service and given a hero's send off.

Remarkably, after being rushed to the restroom for after care and a staff who thought nothing of cleaning up the "remains of the day" we re-ordered and sat down and enjoyed the rest of our meal. I can proudly mark that experience off of my "horrible things yet to do list" and pat myself on the back for a job well done.

I've included some random pictures to help you get the "bad taste from your mouth my story may have left you with. He heh, I couldn't resist it.