Thursday, October 29, 2009

No; Self

We are embarking on another turn on the road of growing up. Lil Dude is being challenged between wanting me to be a part of everything he does, even if it is just sitting next to him while he watches cartoons and his innate desire for independence. I tried to put a bib on him at breakfast only to be pushed away, twice, while he said sternly "No! Self". I am now obsolete when it comes to adding a bib to his meal attire. Aubriana, does not desire any assistance once the clothes are off with the removal of her diaper. How is it overnight, their minds decide tomorrow will be different, we can now do x,y and z?

The purpose of a parent is to prepare and release our children into the world. It is a struggle almost from the beginning to be free from the host that brought you to life, it is a dance of coming together and separating only to reunite again in the rhythm of life; although the tempo is faster than I had anticipated.

The pushing away is painful to me, while I know it is necessary, there was a physical and emotional discomfort in the act of being pushed away.

I was raised by a parent who tried to suppress that need and desire for independence in their children and know the repercussions of such behavior; but knowing now how it feels to be less needed everyday, I understand the thought process behind those actions.

If done properly the independent child turns into an adult who no longer needs their parents, but chooses to be with them out of love and desire.

Growing pains are not just for the young.

Lil Dude found the wagon by himself and was pulling Sister and pumpkins all around the patch.

Aubriana, is practicing her best pose for later parades in an open convertable.

They didn't need to be told to hug for the shot.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends and A Pumpkin Patch

We meet at least once a week to play with our dear friends Quint and Christie.

They really like one another and keep themselves well entertained.

I love my little "Q" tip, he is such a doll.

Lil Dude, loves his Auntie C and his bud. Q, he even loves Uncle Anton, who he thinks is big.

My Princess is finding her smile more easily everyday.

He is as charming as they come and the words "no" are so hard to say to him.

Lil Dude and his "Crisseeee"

Brunch and then the Pumpkin Patch

Bounce Houses, hay rides, games and treats? Yippee

Lovely day for pumpkin patch hunting.

It was breezy and about 70 degrees. Perfect weather

Loving the wagon to survey the many pumpkins.

Are these the right ones?  Hmmm.

Lil Dude has perfected his "Cheeeeezzzzeeee" face

A great day with the kids.