Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Aubriana Rose

My sweet child, what joy you have brought to me; with your soft and gentle demeanor. 

You were born such a little lady, I am so lucky to be able to indulge
your desires in all things girlie!

I find it difficult  to restrain myself  in feeding your passion for fashion!

I never realized  how much I would be joining you on experiencing the joys
 of being a little girl, once again I live in a land of fairies and princesses
and all things possible.

Your delight in this is contagious to all of us, and who can resist a request to dance
with a princess or accompany her to the latest ball?

My little flower has slowly and surely revealed herself to have a
fun and mischievous petal or two!

That is where I see you taking on characteristics that I recognize as my own
 and I know nurture has complimented your nature; I truly see myself in your refection

Thank you for making my days and nights sweeter with your presence and
filling up my heart with love and beauty.

All my love and adoration,

Friday, July 1, 2011

You are my Sonshine

Dear K-man,

As I reflect on the last four years of your life, I am still surprised that the thing I never thought I wanted was the very thing I needed most; a son.

 A son treats his mother with adoration and devotion, she is his first "true-love" and his allegience to her is unfaltering and strong for all of his days.

You are my prince, you brighten my day with unsolicited declarations of love and affection. Every emotion and feeling I pour into you comes back to wash over me ten-fold.

 I cherish the fact that you still desire my attention when you are playing, yelling "look at me Mommy" for any physical act you attempt.
 Things I love about you:
Without prompting you will lean over and kiss me and say "I love you".
Whatever I make, you think I am the "Best" cook in the world.
When I am sick you cover me with your special blanket and leave your beloved "teddy" with me so I'll feel better.
You have a truly tender heart, for your sister, your dog, family and friends.
You are FUNNY; way beyond your 48 months on Earth.
 I am saddened that you are growing up so quickly and yet I can't wait to see the amazing man you are destined to become.

 You have had my heart since the first moment I saw you and your hold on me grows stronger every day.
 My wish for you is to lead those who are weaker than you, follow the example of those who are brave and righteous, and share your gifts with others to create harmony and peace to those you reach.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, beautiful, boy!
With all of my love, Mommy