Thursday, August 13, 2009

Resistance Is Futile

I awoke this morning to something sticking me in the back, and upon closer inspection discovered the magnetic dog without his complimentary skate board which came with a recent kid's meal from Sonic Burger. This was not our first encounter, in fact he had been embedded in the bottom of my foot not 2 days earlier when I shouted out (to no one in particular) "What the frig! Throw this thing away someone is going to get hurt with the knick knack crap."

Apparently when you say things to no on in particular, no one in particular takes action, and thus the little dog somehow made it into my inner sanctum. The one place I used to be able to retreat to away from all the stresses of the world...the Master Bedroom and En Suite. I threw the plastic predator across the room making a mental note of where he landed so I would not repeat another pedi-union again and retreated even deeper in the oasis which is the whirlpool tub.

I filled the tub with luke warm water and added my favorite bath oil and sunk into the forgiving and welcoming bubbles and water, but could not shake the feeling that I was not alone.

I peaked through my closed lashes and could make out the shapes and figures of several guests whom I personally had not invited to share this sacred time with. One of the invaders had a reddish cast to his skin and the most bulbous eyes, which would intrigue the greatest of Thyroid specialists, the other was more orange in tone with the wide open gasp of what his own large peepers were showing him - quickly my eyes darted to a hairy little fellow with a self assured grin accompanied by his partner in crime a cropped haired girl who looked as if this was one adventure she hadn't planned upon. I, in short, was surrounded, encircled like a wagon train who'd caught the enemy and was trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

There to my left was Dora, and her companion Boots a few feet over safe in their tug boats were Earnie and Elmo (I could hear his sarcastic giggles in my head). I started to really take in my surroundings, off in the distance were Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh surveying the scene from afar.

The once lovely bathroom retreat is now a shadow of what once was. The mirrors covered in toothpaste smears and water spray from the nightly onslaught of raucous rinsing. The towels enhanced with expensive trim and for show only, askew and uneven like a strong wind has blown through. Various tooth brushes and foam blocks were all around me. My pumice stone for some reason no longer the usual gray color now covered with marker streaks of red and blue.

Is it any wonder I can't relax in this space, it has been invaded? I abruptly let the water drain from my calming bath and hurriedly exit the master quarters only to walk directly into the hallway which is diaper changing station #1 as I ignore that table of terror I am reminded of the kids birthday party back on July 18 by 10 balloons stubbornly clinging to the ceiling 20 feet above me, taunting me that they will be around to witness Christmas and there is nothing I can do about it.

There are 2 new scooters that get less riding action that a one legged horse sitting in the corner.
The remains of breakfast for two people weighing in at a combined weight of 62lbs looks like the aftermath of a catered event for 20 or more.

I slowly sigh....this is the still new normal. It has been two years, and I'm still adjusting. But when I see these photos of the kids turning 2, the changes are welcome and I try to remember I had the old way for a long time. Now is the time for discovery and carefree days of learning about life together. You get two chances at childhood, once for yourself and the second time through your child's eyes.; it is a gift both times.

Just a moment I needed to take, to remember what was, and appreciate what is.