Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Dude x Deux

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil Dude

Two years, since you surprised us with an unexpected arrival directly into our hearts. How lucky I feel to be your mother, to witness all of your firsts and share your joys and accomplishments; how lucky to be the one to soothe your pain and sadness and be able to make things better in some small way; how lucky that God knew you were meant to be with me and I you and that my capacity to love you grows bigger everyday; how lucky am I that you are my one and only "Beautiful Boy"?


AG'smoma said...

Happy Birthday to Lil Dude!!!

Christie said...

Girl - he's so gorgeous...I don't know how he can stand himself! Ha! Happy Birthday you beautiful boy!

I love you, V - thank you for letting me and Quint be a part of your life and the lives of your amazing kids. We're blessed to know you!



Eloise said...

Such a precious montage! The happiest of birthdays to your sweet son!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe Lil Dude is 2! A very happy birthday to him.

Photos are great - he is a beautiful boy.


Dita said...


I watched this slideshow at least 5 times. Lil' Dude reminds me sooooooooo much of my son when he was his age. I am going to find some pictures and send them to you.

He is so adorable and the one of him at Christmas especially had me rolling in that big room with all those presents and his little santa hat on!

Happy Birthday, Lil' Dude and many, many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy second birthday, boo boo! Your birthday album is wonderful, and so are you! You are a joy to your parents (and your aunt and uncle!) Enjoy your birthday gifts, and we can't wait to hear all about you and the petting zoo at your party :) love, Aunt Marlene and Uncle Steve

Anonymous said...

Happy second birthday, boo boo! Uncle Steve and I love your photo album, and we love you, too! You are a joy and blessing to your mommy and daddy! We can't wait to hear about your reaction to the petting zoo at your party coming up. Enjoy your new swimsuit, basketball jammies and tee. Love, Aunt Marlene and Uncle Steve

Dita said...

You crazy nut, Val! You crack me up with that cocoa pebbles comment on my blog!

I am having serious computer issues and I can't find your email address so email me would ya!

You really do need to do a standup act! You are demented!